Founded in 2007 maxmetrics is a Management and Information Technology Consulting company specialized around providing expert advice and guidance during complex projects and engagements based upon many years of international, blue chip experience. Maxmetrics offers:

  • A high level of competency
  • A mixture of knowledge of both business and technology
  • The personal qualities of being innovative, good at team-work, and service-oriented

Maxmetrics professionals can help you negotiate acute and ongoing challenges, guide you through tricky transition phases, and help you through to the next phase of your evolution.

Maxmetrics is a small-, minority-, woman- owned business.

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Social Responsibility

Maxmetrics is committed to sharing its expertise and time with less privileged groups and individuals. For example the grassroots project to help build a Community Training and Service Center for the youths of Boyra, Bangladesh.

Boyra is a village in South Asia where since its liberation in 1971 there has not seen much development. Maxmetrics collaborates with a group of other volunteers to build a Community Training and Service Center that will give 250 unskilled, unemployed youths per year the opportunity to improve their family condition by gaining employable skills.

Our Committment

No matter the method you choose to engage with maxmetrics, each assignment has a carefully agreed scope, consistent follow-up and monitoring of the performance of maxmetrics and its professionals according to the agreed scope, and then agreement of acceptance upon completion of the engagement. You should always feel comfortable that you know what you are getting when you engage maxmetrics and that quality and value are delivered every time


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