Maxmetrics uses a combination of skills and knowledge to build a program of consulting, mentoring and practical assistance that suits your immediate needs, based on an initial consultation. There is a diverse set of competencies and skills fitting within the following competencies.


There is a large number of different methods and ways you can apply Agile Project Management. We help you

  • to understand the pros and cons using and applying the various agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP)
  • using Best Practices from across industries
  • evaluating and selecting a method and an approach that best suits your specific project scope and needs 
  • how to get started 'going agile'
  • how to lead your Agile Project to success
  • Seasoned international executives, experienced in meeting strategic and tactical business objectives.
  • Proven results in achieving revenue and profit goals and in implementing business change programs.
  • Experienced in strategic analysis/planning, operations management and business development.


  • Certified project managers for mission-critical, strategic engagements.
  • IT professionals experienced in project management offices.
  • Diverse experience with new technology engagement.


  • IT experience with specialization in data warehouse design and architecture, data modeling, development, and team leadership including Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) data management, change-data-capture and presentation.
  • Data warehouse architecture and design, including data modeling of star schema and data marts
  • Implementing Business Intelligence, Risk and Analytical Competency Centers
  • Assessing and planning Information Management strategies and infrastructures
  • High understanding of benefits and applications of data mining solutions and applications.


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