The Role of the Business Intelligence Competency Center
Version 1 - October, 2008: "The Role of the Business Intelligence Competency Center in Maximizing Organizational Performance"
While most organizations have invested in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Analytical software many are struggling to use the software to maximize their organizational performance.
- responsibilities for every organization to implement a BI Competency Center to maximizes organizational performance,
- cases of how organizations have benefited from having a BI Competency Center
- guidance on using the SAS Information Evolution Model (IEM) to assess the organization
- tactical and strategic steps implementing a BI Competency Center.

Measuring up - Maximizing Performance Metrics
Version 2.1 - November, 2007: "How to maximize performance metrics by deploying technology to enhance business decision making and management."
What is new and different in today’s decision making and management process is the use of technology. Traditionally, instinct, gut, or only qualitative analyses were used in making key business decisions. Today’s decision-making and management business processes interjects technology as a key factor and tries to systematically provide useful data to the right people to facilitate informed decision making and management. Furthermore, data-driven decision-making and management methods provide insightful analysis on what could happen in the future, through various types of technological predictions and forecasts. With such information in hand, executives, managers and employees are better armed to make decisions and manage based upon carefully empirically solid analyses.

The Modern BI Organization
ISBN: 978-3-00-025519-9
Authors: Gloria J. Miller, maxmetrics & Dr. Thomas D. Queisser, Troy University
Published by: MaxMetrics GmbH
A January 2008 research study on “ Decision-making Using Systems & Technology “ shows that organizations with an “internal unit that helps people use software in decision-making” – a business intelligence competency center – contributed to improving the organizations’ business performance, increased collaboration between business and IT units, increased user satisfaction with business intelligence software and solutions, as well as lowered the cost of ownership for business intelligence software. The survey consisted of 529 respondents from 50 countries representing 30 industries. Executive interviews using critical incidents were conducted with 10 respondents to determine success factors qualitatively. to order contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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