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25 December 2015


"Going Agile- Making IT and BI Projects Agile"

There is an agile manifesto that defines the principles of agile software development and there are several different agile frameworks or methodologies, e.g., SCRUM, Kanban, FDD, Extreme Programming, and DSDM. Even if your organization does perform iterative, incremental development, you may or may not be agile.

How do you know if you are agile? Does it matter?

According to surveys from several sources (Versionone (2011), Dr. Dobb's Journal (2008), Shine Technologies (2003), the benefits of agile projects are: 

  • Higher productivity and lower cost,
  • Improved employee engagement and job satisfaction,
  • Faster time to market,
  • Higher quality, and
  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction.

Nevertheless, the Chief Information Officers to whom we have spoken want to be agile, but fear it can be interpreted as:

  • Programming without knowing the requirements
  • No documentation…ever
  • No management controls on costs
  • No visibility on project progress
  • An impossible change to realize
  • And, and, and…

An organizational change such as Agile needs solid support of the top management in order to be implemented sustainably. They want proof that their company will actually benefit from Agile. A Business Case that quantifies cost, benefits, and risks answers their questions in Euro and Cent. A reliable Business Case on Agile does cover all relevant aspects of such an endeavor, i.e. also the investment into various new soft- and hardware.

What people are saying about the workshop

“Biggest point for me was getting some new ideas of structuring and planning an agile propject. Your ideas you delivered in your workshop will help me going agile in the professional sense with a structure, a good controlling, clear goals and a plan and not only having a general goal and a nebulous idea of what we are going to do and the way how to achieve it.” —Sven-Christian Endres, Verwaltung International, Lebensmitteleinzelhändler weltweit
“I attended the workshop expecting to be in a crowded room and getting a scripted delivery of why I need to buy the book (which I had done in advance of the workshop) and some theoretical Agile concepts. Instead it was a small group of high caliber project and program leaders discussing many aspects of Agile and how the transition from a waterfall approach to more Agile approach can be done. I learned a lot and many of my own doubts were addressed in the workshop. Gloria and Johannes were very approachable and honest about limits and pitfalls. Overall I would strongly recommend this workshop to everyone who looks into agile and need real expert advice. I rate this workshop 5 stars (of 5) as it very positively exceeded my expectation and gave me a lot a immediately actionably advice.” —Dirk Nadler,Business Technology Partner Central Europe, IMS Health GmbH & Co. OHG
"This workshop gives an excellent overview of the agile methodologies. Gloria Miller not only presents the principles, but also put them into practice during the workshop" —Frederique Thiriet-Smith, Change Management and Training Lead, BASF
"Der kurze abendliche Workshop Going agile -Project Management Practices mit Gloria Miller und Johannes Ritter hatte nur einen Fehler: er war viel zu kurz, um alle die inspirierenden Ideen und Themen ausführlich zu diskutieren. Gloria zeigte uns gleichermaßen engagiert wie praxisorientiert auf, dass es nicht nur einen Weg für "going agile" gibt, sondern viele maßgeschneiderte---, angepasst an die Unternehmenskultur und Projektmanagementerfahrungen jedes Unternehmens.” —Ursula Stadler, Geschäftsführerin interaxxion GmbH
"...succinct, practical and immediately applicable They appeal to experts whom like to learn and exchange best practices with other experts. The after-work format is highly efficient!" —Dr. Thomas D. Queisser, Acad. Director, International Office (Auslandsamt)

Only for workshop attendees, special offer Agility Project and/or Business Case Assessment.

Within the 30 days after the workshop, you are entitled to a special offer of an Agility Project and/or Business Case Assessment for a special rate. Under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) you receive written feedback within 3 days of initiating the service. The detailed feedback covers the 11 critical decision-maker topics of your business case and/or 5-topic & 5-point review of ways to add agility or de-risk your project.

Gloria Miller, MaxMetrics, will introduce you to going agile and Johannes Ritter, Solutionmatrix, will hold a 30 minute presentation based on a recently finished project of a large scale implementation of Agile at a financial service provider.

Workshop topics

  • Introduction to Agility
  • Discussion on making IT projects agile
  • Discussion on is it really worth the effort?
  • Definition of agile BI
  • Discussion on the requirements for agile BI environments and organizations
  • Business Case for Agile Development based on a real case study

Workshop objectives

By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

  • Know about some of the different Agile practices
  • Know the requirements for “Agile BI”
  • Decide on the next steps you would like to take to “Go Agile”

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in agile IT and BI projects
  • Executives and managers that have been involved in IT or BI projects and are considering implementing an agile process or have tried to implement an agile process will benefit most from the discussion.

About the facilitators


Gloria Miller is a Managing Consultant at Maxmetrics GmbH. Miller has more than 20 years experience in Information Technology and Business Intelligence/Analytics. Typically she is leading projects that involve some type of complexity such as short timeframes (new systems introduction in 3 months), large teams (43 external consultants, 120 internal business and IT people, 24 companies), important procurements (30 enterprise software license, 24 system integrators), geographically distributed (up to 40 countries), outsourced (India, Poland, Ukraine), out-task (IBM, Symmetry, Resource), or strategically important (120 million euro product launch in 6 months, company carve out in 1 year). She has worked in many industries, including Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Retail, and Software Development.

Miller is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), a PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and a Project Management Professional (PMP®). She has university degrees in business, computer science, and electronic technology.

Johannes Ritter is Partner at Solution Matrix since 2003. Solution Matrix is a consulting firm that specializes on altBusiness Cases that evaluate complex and large-scale projects. He has more than 12 years of Business Case experience and established himself as leading Business Case authority in Europe over the last few years. He is author of various journal articles, frequent speaker at international conferences, Business Case coach and co-author of a book on business case methodology. After his studies of Economics at Passau, Helsinki, and Harvard, Ritter was a consultant at IBM former European Headquarter in Paris for five years. IT-projects have therefore been a focus over his entire career.

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Heidelberg, Germany

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