Panel Discussion PM Tage 2017

Gloria Miller was invited to participate in the panel discussion of the PM Tage in Munich in March 2017 with the topic:

"Classic" vs. "Agile" Project Management - Dogma  Conflict or Two Sides of a Medal?

Together with the PMI Madrid Chapter we organized a workshop about 'Going Agile' in Madrid in September 2016. Around 15 participants with different agile experience and background got actively involved in the content and exercises presented by Gloria Miller.

  Going Agile Project Management Practices - Second Edition 2016

In January 2016 Gloria Miller published the second edition of 'Going Agile - Project Management Practices' with a new format, updated diagrams and new case studies. We shared a nice book launch with friends and colleagues in 2016, February 25th with a few tapas and drinks.

Project Management Practices Launch Event

28 February 2013, in Heidelberg, Germany

going agile project management book cover

Thank you very much to all the great guests who attended our Going Agile book launch event. We enjoyed a few original Spanish tapas as well as a fantastic sweet "book" cake. Check the pictures on our new Going Agile fan page. Do you like it?

Insights and guidance for the agile Project Manager

"The perfect map for anyone starting an agile transformation trip. As a collaborator of this book it has been a great pleasure for me to read it and learn from many testimonials of recognized agile practitioners. The focus of this book is very clear: much has been written about agile methodologies and techniques, but little about how to succeed in transforming organizations thorough value driven and self empowered teams. This book provides not only the technical foundations, but also a lot of personal experiences to achieve such an exciting transformation" David de F.

"This is a wonderful book providing the insight on various practices followed in Agile and is a wonderful summary of all Agile methodologies. Do have a look at this and is a must buy. Author Gloria Miller has done a great job"

Anees H.

"Great book with a great Return on Investment"

Johannes R.

5 x 5 - Guidelines, Techniques and Skills for agile Business Intelligence & Analytics

19 June 2013, in Munich, Germany

Gloria J. Miller, CEO of maxmetrics presenting  on agile practices and what it meants to BI and Analytics at the TDWI Conference in Munich.

Adopting agile practices is a current trend in organizations. Some organizations resist going agile, while others dive right in without understanding what it means to BI & Analytics. They just want to have their BI deliveries quicker. What does it mean to “go agile” in practice?

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