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  1. R tip: Schedule R scripts on a Mac

    Learn how to run R scripts from the Mac command line. Then, see how to schedule R scripts with cron jobs and the cronR package.
  2. R tip: R Markdown tutorial

    In this 10th episode of Do More with R, learn how to create HTML, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and more that combine text, graphics, and R code
  3. R tip: Access nested list items with purrr

    In this ninth episode of Do More with R, learn how to easily access and modify nested list items with the purrr package’s modify_depth function
  4. EU regulation will drive U.S. banks to embrace FinTech or lose market share

    Two significant changes to European Union regulations have given the FinTech industry a major shot in the arm and strengthened its position as a competitor to traditional banking, the result of which will be that U.S. banks will be forced to rethink their client strategies.

    Along with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which gave citizens the right to control the use of personally identifiable information, the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) required the sharing of consumer banking data with third parties when authorized by the customer.

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  5. R tip: Animations in R

    In this eighth episode of Do More with R, learn how to animate data over time with R and the gganimate and ggplot2 packages.
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