Given the seniority of the maxmetrics professionals, they are best engaged in complex or strategic engagements. Regardless of the stage or state of your engagement, should you wish to use technology to improve or change your decision making or management process, maxmetrics can help.


Agile BI Workshops

5x5—Guidelines, Techniques and Skills for Agile Business Intelligence & Analytics SM

Adopting agile practices is a current trend in organizations. Some organizations resist going agile, while others dive right in without understanding what it means to BI & Analytics. They just want to have their BI deliveries quicker. What does it mean to 'go agile' in practice?

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In a consulting role, maxmetrics professionals can provide your organization with hands-on advice, guidance or assistance. They can be used to make recommendations on using corporate resources or in deploying technology solutions.

Business Intelligence Competency Center Seminars

The BICC Seminars - Advancing the Data-Driven Business Decision Making - provide a 360 degree look at the business value, considerations, and steps for creating a strategic unit - a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) - to advance data-driven business decision-making using business intelligence, analytical, and performance management software.

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Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)

A Business Intelligence Competency Center - also known as a BICC - is a recognized organizational entity responsible for the promoting the data-driven decision making and management of an organization

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Business Intelligence Change Programs

Get access to senior-level professionals to facilitate organizational changes in processes and people to use Business Intelligence and Analytical Software effectively.


Business Intelligence (BI) Usage Optimization

We offer a structured service to analyze your current environment.

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Interim Services

Maxmetrics professionals can be engaged in an outsourcing role acting as part of your organization for a fixed period of time. Maxmetrics can help in the implementation or deployment of the solutions throughout your organization.

Risk Competency Centers

A Risk Competency Center will strengthen the information value chain and increase the benefits your organization can gain from its risk infrastructure.


Business Intelligence Strategy Workshop

reduce costs - increase revenues - faster results

Determine how to use your BI infrastructure to 1) reduce the IT costs of BI and 2) find new ways where your organization can derive increase revenues through the use of BI.
The recommendations will cover projects that can be undertaken using BI to achieve your financial goals, the likely candidates in your organization that would sponsor such initiatives and the organizational roles that are needed to make your BI program/project effective.

Discovery Workshops

If you are not sure where to start on the way to maximizing your business results by using technology in your decision-making and management process, try a discovery workshop. The discovery workshop is a one day session. During the sessions questions are asked to understand your goals, objectives and current state, and some potential next steps are discussed to take you on your way to achieving your desired goals.

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