5x5—Guidelines, Techniques and Skills for Agile Business Intelligence & Analytics SM

Adopting agile practices is a current trend in organizations. Some organizations resist going agile, while others dive right in without understanding what it means to BI & Analytics. They just want to have their BI deliveries quicker. What does it mean to “go agile” in practice?

This lecture aims to clarify the definition of agile BI, discuss the impact of five BI trends on agility, and describe five process guidelines, five prioritization and five estimation techniques, and five must-have skills for agile BI. This lecture covers:

Agile BI: what does it mean, what are the justifications and benefits, and why are the misconceptions wrong?

  • 5 BI trends and their impacts on agility
  • 5 process guidelines for planning, scoping, and testing e.g., user stories, innovation games, BD
  • 5 techniques for prioritizing user needs e.g., Kano and MoSCoW.
  • 5 techniques for estimating the size for implementing requirements e.g., Planning Poker® and relative estimation.
  • 5 skills needed for agility.

Quotes from the TDWI Conference 2013 in Munich:

"Great fun to listen. Very good presentation of the topic"
"Good techniques in getting the audience involved. Congratulations on success with that"
"Good overview"
"Great speaker/teacher

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About the presenter

Gloria J. Miller MBA has 20+ years’ experience providing management consulting, program, and project management to Fortune 500 and government organizations. She is specialized in BI & Analytics. She has co-authored books on using information more effectively, including “Business Intelligence Competency Centers”, the “Information Revolution”, and “Going Agile Project Management Practices”. She holds agile and project management certifications.

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