Advancing Data-Driven Business Decision Making with a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)SM

The BICC seminars provide a 360 degree look at the business value, considerations and steps for creating a strategic unit - a Business Intelligence Competency Center to advance data-driven business decision-making using business intelligence, analytical, and performance management software.

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What topics are covered?

  • Why use BI and Business Analytics in decision making
  • Evaluating your BI & Analytical Strategy
  • Building a business case for the BICC
  • Creating the BICC mandate and scope
  • Building BI and Analytical competencies in the organization
  • Planning the BICC implementation
  • Managing and measuring the BICC
  • Agile project management

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Why should you attend?

Organizations that invest in a decision-making support entity, e.g. a Business Intelligence Competency Center, reaped the benefits of more accurate, faster or more economical decision-making”, according to a 2008 study conducted by Troy University. Some of the benefits the seminars offer:

  • Real world case studies on mandate, scope and operations of a BICC
  • The opportunity to work on challenges of your own organization
  • A valuable opportunity for delegate to benefit from the knowledge of an expert in Business Intelligence
    with more than 20 years experience in providing management consulting, project management and information technology (IT)
  • The study results of a recent BI survey on “Using Decision Making Software and Technology”
    Comprehensive and detailed seminar documentation

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Who should attend?

The seminars are designed for senior leaders and managers that are targeted with improving the data-driven business decision making:

  • Chief Information Officers that plan the overall standards and processes for driving strategic change in the IT strategies.
  • Vice Presidents and General Managers that need to increase the decision making effectiveness of their organizations using new or existing BI, analytical, or performance management software.
  • Program or Project Managers that need to deliver on projects and programs that use BI, analytical, or performance management software.
  • Business Analysts that are in charge of using BI, analytical, and performance management software in the decision making process and need to expand its usage throughout the organizations.
  • Architects and Technical Leaders that are working with clients and organizations that want more effective usage from their BI, analytical, and performance management software.

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What will you learn?

 Planning and Building a BICC
At the end of the seminar you will be able to build a case for a Business Intelligence Competency Center. You will know:

  • The key aspects an organization should have for an efficient BI and Analytical strategy
  • How to assess the effectiveness of your BI strategy.
  • How a BICC can help your organization
  • The steps to implement a BICC
  • How to maximize the benefits of a BICC
  • How to create indicators to measures the performance of a BICC

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In-House Training Solutions

Training, workshops or seminars can be tailored to your specific requirements, if you consider having an in-house training solution.

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Seminar Leader

The Advancing the Data-Driven Business Decision Making seminars are lead by Gloria J. Miller of MaxMetrics, an International Management and IT Consulting Company. Gloria Miller

Gloria Miller, MBA, has more than 20 years experience providing management consulting, program and project management, and Information Technology (IT) consulting to Fortune 500 and government organizations. She has co-authored several methodologies and books in the area of implementing software and modernizing organizations to use information more effectively, including Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage, Information Revolution, published in the Wiley as well as the SAS Business and Information Series.


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USA T +1 (404) 759 2937

Download BICC Seminar Brochure

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